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Discover Insolite !

When it’s time to sit down to eat… we are proud to present our new cuvée the aptly named Insolite gives carte blanche to the winemaker, who will compose a tasty and unique wine according to the harvest and his desires…

Come and discover this new creation at the estate or order it from our online store.

Our vineyard

Our wine cellar was built in 2006. There, our winemaker Baptiste Cartier creates beautiful wines that showcase the typicities of our sun-drenched terroir.

The team photographed by ©Marie Moroni

I was born in the Drôme countryside, where I grew up until the age of seven. After living in Paris for a few years, I moved to the beautiful southern region of Aix-en-Provence when I was a teenager. I quickly took an interest in the wine industry and steered my study choices accordingly, alternating internships and training courses at several estates in the Rhône Valley and around the Mediterranean. This passion for wine and winegrowing was something that came very naturally to me.
What I love most about my work is navigating the living world. The balance one must find between one’s strong convictions and the unpredictability of the elements fascinates me.
Working at the estate since 2013, I have enjoyed the company of a dynamic team that cares deeply about the men and women who contribute to the project, striving for beauty, quality, and fairness. These are the values that I try to instil into the estate’s wines.
Sales development, marketing
After spending several years in London working in marketing and advertisement, I chose to settle down in the region of Uzès where I had spent my childhood.
My first collaboration with the Deleuze-Rochetin estate came six years ago when I was hired to work at the contemporary art gallery that was housed on the premises until 2019.
Little by little, I became increasingly passionate about wine. My position at the estate enables me to come into contact with all the steps of the process, from the making to the selling of the wine. This fascinating world, the admirable and tireless work of the winemakers to craft a product that remains as close as possible to nature captivate me. With its countless and delightful tastings and teachings, friendly encounters and sharing of happy times, wine is a endless topic that I continue to explore every day with great joy.
Tractor driver, cellarman
Originally from Gard, I am very attached to the region and its nature.
It was at the age of 20 that I worked in the vines for the first time, and that I discovered the satisfaction of following the stages of growth of the vine and its evolution.
For about fifteen years, I worked as a goat breeder. An activity that requires a lot of versatility, from manufacturing to marketing cheeses.
After a change of direction and some time spent in agricultural work companies as a tractor driver, I decided to return to my first attachment to the vineyard.
For the love of manual work, of listening to nature, this is how the adventure begins at the estate, with Baptiste and the whole team.
Hostess, events
An Uzétian by adoption and at heart, I worked in the field of early childhood in Uzège as an educator of young children for almost 30 years. “Grow children” just like vines or almost! Nourish them so that they get what is essential to enhance themselves…
I joined the Deleuze Rochetin estate in 2022. Through my experience close to nature and humans, I offer a time of tasting and discovery in the cellar, in a warm atmosphere.
I am also involved in the event and cultural development of the estate, all of this takes shape like good wine…
As a good epicurean, I welcome and provide information on the addresses to discover in Uzège.
I am new to the field of wine and I am enriched through my colleagues. What I appreciate in wine is the “little chemist” aspect of the blends and often the good surprises that a vintage provides!
Photographic credit Marie Moroni